Mobile Shopping App
Last year I started using the InvisionApp. I wanted to keep practicing and using some new skills I learned from Skillshare, I decided to create a mobile shopping app. I used ColeHaan as the company of choice, given that I have a boot fetish. Especially for their boots. I explored the brand's site to gather their existing UI and UX. I created rough wireframes, a mood board, and researched different app functionality that I like, especially Google's Material Design. Along with this research I also looked at 'Thumb Reachability' and 'Touch Target Sizes'. This really helped when building out the UI. From my three digitized wireframes I then created my three main screen mocks. And from that point I loaded those into Invision. This really allowed me to iterate, and add the screens that I needed to. It also allowed me to Art Direct my work. Meaning I was able to add and subtract elements when necessary. I am in the process of animating the functionality. Which is truly exciting to me in that I might have the chance to stumble upon a new and interesting gesture for interactivity.
Rough wireframes
Initial main screens
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