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How it works

Problem: You have an idea for a new business. Or you already have a business. You need a logo or a brand refresh. The trouble? Your budget. It’s what you would call…tiny.

The Solution: Get three hand-drawn logos within 24 hours, all for just $75.

How It Works: You contact me. We set up a time to meet, chat over the phone, or have a nifty video conference. Once we have an initial phone call or email exchange, I will request any materials about your business that will be helpful for me to get a head start on who you are and what you do. We then decide on a time to meet (or virtually meet) for one hour. Why do we have to meet? To get a feel for your business, your likes and dislikes, and the “brand” you want to present to the world. During this hour, I will use my multi-tasking skills and begin to sketch your logo. By the end of our meeting (or within 24 hours, if previously agreed upon), you will walk away with 3 hand-drawn logo ideas.

What You Get: For $75, you get the one-hour consultation and your 3 logo ideas. They belong to you. You can bury them in a filing cabinet, take them to a friend from college who does a little design work on the side to “flesh” them out, or hire me to create a final version along with the rest of your branding needs. (From print and digital marketing materials to web design, I can do it all — and I can do it cheaper.)

Don’t want to go any further? No problem. The final sketches belong to you.


Hola. I’m Alex. Husband, father, rugby player, beer drinker, cook, illustrator, and designer. From handmade books and illustration to 3D animation and package design, I enjoy all aspects of design. But the process of design — to produce the most amazing user experience or to solve problems by using creativity — is the basis for my love of design.

The process tells a story. My process begins with sketching. Putting hand to paper simplifies the task and allows it room to expand and grow.

Bottom line? I am a problem solver.

Let me help solve yours.



Adobe CS6
Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
Microsoft Word

Logo Design
Project Management